The Band

Here is the band for for PG3 II. On an interesting note  all 3 guitarists have been featured on the collector cards. Geoff Metts #1, Robbie Laws #2, and Eddie Martinez #12.

Eddie Martiez buko collector card 12Eddie Martinez: “Wild card”

O.k. are you ready? Raised in N.Y. City, he began functioning as a session player. He was so good, the likes of David Lee Roth, Run DMC, Robert Palmer, Meat Loaf, Blondie and Mick Jagger all chose him both in the studio and on some legendary tours. The man has been around! And the best part? Eddie also has his own band that plays on occasion covering just some of the plethoric catalogues he’s divvied in, as well as solo material of his own. Martinez’ guitar chops are uniquely varied and one-of-a-kind to say the least. oh yeah, Eddie is yet another ‘A List’ musician calling Portland home. So come and get him!

Here is Eddie Martinez LIVE w/ Robert Palmer.


Robbie laws: “Blues Yngwie”

Many know Robbie as one of the N.W. exclusive blues innovators- and that he is. But what many may not know is that this guy can shred faster than a Mojave paper mill could burn to the ground.

In the early 80’s, Robbie handily won a guitar contest playing Yngvie Malmsteen songs note-for -note. It wasn’t until a chance meeting w/ blues super-legend Albert Collins that changed his course. Laws spent 3 days in a hotel room w/ Albert, nothing but a bottle of whiskey, a deck of cards and 2 guitars to play with. The result was a changed man….and thank God we got him here to tell us the tale!

Robbie Laws getting his licks in at the WFBF:


Geoff Metts: “Rock-Capitano”

Geoff is the central figure and band leader for PG3. His amicable nature, positive attitude and absolute devotion to the craft is unsurpassed. He carries command of  his instrument, band, the stage as well as huge crowds! Electric, Slide, & Acoustic Guitar. Ukulele, Rock, Blues, Country, Funk & Metal- Geoff Studied music at University of Idaho and teaches at Hillsboro’s 5 Star Guitar . Designed and taught lessons for U of I and Pullman WA Parks and Rec.

His extensive songwriting and recording experience rounds it all out: He is the lead singer/guitar player and lyricist of one of the region’s most popular rock groups, Western Aerial.

Geoff Metts rocking out one of his best:

Kevin Rankin: “Star Beast”

‘Star’ indeed as the term applies in many ways to Kevin.  Besides possessing immense talent and loyalty to the craft, his can-do and will-do enthusiasm for making great bands sound even better is un-matched.

Playing w/ literally dozens of bands over the years, he has become a magnet for many music groups vying for his muse- most of them noteworthy outfits such as Animotion, Jennifer Batten, Missing Persons, and Tommy Tutone to name a few.

He carries one of the most winning personalities in the business~ makes Kevin Rankin is much sought after, and a rare beast indeed. So…do you think he’d pass up an opportunity to play w/ these cats?


A.G. Donnaloia: “Fill -Meister”

This dude plays it all! Electric & Acoustic Guitar Jazz, Funk, Rock, Latin, Reggae & R&B. Performing in Portland area for over thirteen years with various groups spanning most genres. A.G. was all smiles and proved fearless along side last year’s PG3 shred-fest along side Geoff, Terry Robb and Jennifer Batten. He provides the rhythm and fill for our line-ups as well as a few smoking’ leads himself. He teaches at 5 Star Guitars.


Jay Haser: “Pocket Dialer”

No matter it be Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitar. Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, Classical, Afro-Cuban, Latin, African, Reggae or Country; Haser covers it all. Graduated Student of the year with highest honors from Musicians Institute. Taught at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood , CA for two years.

Jay can be seen along side many top musician’s in the region, kicking down the bottom and keeping them all squarely in the pocket at all times.

Bass players like Jay are hard to find….but PG3 did, and we will pass him along to you outright!


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  1. Scot says:

    This is really cool, the PG3 last year with Terry Robb And Jennifer Batten was just awesome! I’m glad to see Geoff involved again I just love Western Aerial.

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